HVAC & Electrical Repairs | Walker, LA

Serving Army, LLC is an HVAC / Electrical Contractor providing service throughout Walker, Baton Rouge, Livingston Parish, Ascension Parish and surrounding areas of Louisiana. With years of experience and dedicated hard work, we have established the foundation of our business by providing professional, affordable, time managed and quality craftsmanship for our clients. Our team of experienced craftsmen in combination with unmatched customer service have built rapport throughout our community and would like the opportunity to show you why we stand out from the rest. We invite you to learn more about our unique history by reading below.

The question that we get a lot is “How did you come up with that name?” The truth is that many years back, when I was studying to be a minister, the word minister caught my attention. I came to understand that it means to serve, where as what I was seeing was Ministers sitting on their high horses wanting to be served. I quit my job and was willing to help anyone free of charge. I put the knowledge and talent that God gave me to work and that turned out to be the best time of my life, no stress, no pressure and no laws could affect me. People gave what they wanted, my income soon doubled than tripled – soon I had to hire help and of course then the laws came into play and in the name of protecting the customer and employees, I had to pay great sums of money to some Insurance Companies and the Government which in turn had to be passed on to the customer. If it wasn’t for that I would still be serving free of charge like I think it should be. Yes, there are those that will take advantage of us but for the most part there are those that benefit from the fruit of our labor and are faithful to keep us watered and fertilized so that we can keep serving.”

Timothy Williams
Owner and Operator


To learn more about Serving Army, our team or to request more information regarding any of our services we invite you to contact us today.